Daisy Janney - My great grandmother

Daisy Janney

To the right, is the original photograph of my great grandmother, Daisy Janney, that now graces the header of Janney Family. The original file came from the same family CD the previous photo of Baird originated from.

Why post this pic? Sam and I named our daughter after Daisy so I felt this was more than appropriate to use. Daisy's middle name, Eileen, is from Sam's side of the family as it was her grandmother's first name. With these two strong family names tied to our daughter we knew, Daisy, would grow up to be quite the character — she hasn't let us down yet.

As for the "original" Daisy Janney. She is the one who have to thank for ensuring Captain Harmon Hubbard's reminiscences made it online as she's the one who took the time to put the scrapbook together capturing (no pun intended) her father's Civil War highlights. The book also information about other Janney relatives, but I'm still working on getting that information online. Thank you Daisy for the book and the name.

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