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One of Cherokee County's Pioneer Settlers—Build First Brick house in County, Securing All Building Material From His Present Farm Land

author: Unknown
published by: Unknown, circa 1926

Famed as a Civil War Hero, and served in the Andersonville prison where he underwent all of the tortures the Union men were subjected to. Came to Cherokee County in 1866 and has been one of the most prominent factors in the upbuilding (sic) of the community. Mr. Hubbard built the first brick house in Cherokee County.

Captain H. R. Hubbard, who has been a citizen in Cherokee County since 1866 now residing on the 160 acres of land upon which he settled, is one of this community's leading citizens, a man of fine caliber and initiative. He has figured prominently for all of these years in the development of the county which loves so much. At all times during his life he has been foremost among the men of the civic, benevolent and religious affairs. At the outbreak of the Civil war, he enlisted and went forth to do or die and became of the heroes of that long and sanguary conflict. As a citizen, he is public spirited, generous and a patriot through and through. Few men's lives will leave such an indelible impression upon the people by whom they were known and among whom they moved as will the life of Captain Hubbard.

The first brick house erected in Cherokee County is that of the residence of Captain Hubbard on his farm a few miles northwest of Galena. After burning the brick on his farm, for his home, he went to Baxter Springs and burned the brick for the first brick buildings erected in that town.

The house was built entirely of materials made on the 160-acre farm. The lumber, except for a few select pieces of finishing materials which were hauled from Fort Scott, was sawed from native trees on the farm; the lime used in the structure was burned on the place and all materials and equipment were produced and made there.

This, perhaps, is the only residence in the state (Kansas) that was built entirely of materials produced immediately surrounding it. Captain Hubbard took particular pains to carry out that idea in building the house and always was proud of that achievement.

Harmon Hubbard's Headstone

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