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The following poem was written by Captain Hubbard

We want no assassination
And no further alienation
And no insubordination
From the beaten Junker nation.

We want no externation
And no more intimidation
We want now your resignation
Of a smaller weaker nation

Now begins recrimination
And your devilish cachination
O'er the martyred Belgian nation.
Meet the devil's assignation.

You're the same denomination
Do not urge procrastination
And proceed to take your station
But accept the situation.

And proceed to take your station
On the right of your relation
And begin to draw your ration
Without further hesitation.

He's your God (no profanation Attends this association).
We claim no foreordination,
And no gift of divination.

But we see your destination
In no quiet hibernation
Will you wait for incarnation
So say we and all the nation.

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