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The following poem was written by Captain Hubbard of Boston Mills:

War is an abomination
Worthy of world condemnation
When with fierce determination
War is waged for domination

World war causes consternation,
Weakens our discrimination,
Wears out our disinclination,
While we fear contamination.

Wishing for elimination
Of its fearful fulmination
By the beastly German nation
With its war hallucination.

World wide is the indignation
Wakened by this Junker Nation,
With its Kultur subordination
Working for its sure damnation.

We have joined a combination,
Working in coordination
With thy aid, predestination,
We will down this central nation.

We with strong determination,
Will assist this culmination,
To betide the man or nation
Who obstructs this termination.

When with close examination
Wisdom aids our divination
We will wait extermination
Of the Huns and all their nation.

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